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The 3 afflictions which daily affect every human being:

Everyday and every night, the children of Aadam are affected by the 3 afflictions. Not a day goes by except that they are afflicted by all the 3 of them.



His lifespan is reduced everyday. He does not care much about his lifespan being reduced, but if there is any reduction in his wealth, he starts worrying. What he forgets is that wealth is recoverable but not the lifespan.



Everyday he consumes the sustenance provided to him by Allaah. If it is Halaal, he will be questioned about it [Surah al-Takaathur (102): 8]. But if it is through Haraam means, then he will be punished for it; and no one knows the extent of the punishment except Allaah.



Everyday he is nearing the Aakhirah by some distance; while at the same time he is being distanced from this worldly life by some distance. But his concern for the EVERLASTING HEREAFTER is nothing as compared to his concern for this FLEETING WORLD. He does not know if his abode will be the highest station in Paradise or the lowest depths of Hell.


اللهم لا تجعل الدنيا أكبر همنا، ولا مبلغ علمنا ، ولا إلى النار مصيرنا ، واجعل الجنة هي دارنا

O Allaah! Do not make this world our greatest concern, nor the limit of our knowledge. And do not set our path leading towards Hell. And make Paradise our final abode.Ameen



*PART 9*

*18TH MAY 2017*

● Alhamdulillah through the Fadhl of Allah taáala. I got to visit the mazar of Hazrat Musaji Mehtar Naqshbandi rahmatullah alai.

● Hazrat resided in Tadkeshwar

●He was the mureed of Shaykh Nizamudeen Naqshbandi rahmatullah alai

●Moulana Abdur Raheem Motala rahmatullah alai used to talk a lot about Hazrat Musaji rahmatullahi alai

●Hazrat Musaji had attained the status of being Fana Fillah and was also a saahibe kashf.

● Many karaamat took place at his hands too


●Once some thieves decided to steal something from his garden

●At this time Hazrat was in the Masjid, busy in adhkaar

●The thieves decided to split into 2 groups. One group was told to remain outside the Masjid while the other group would proceed to the garden. The group outside the Masjid were to alert the other group whwenever Hazrat let the Masjid.

● The other group proceeded towards the garden

●When they peeped into the garden they found Hazrat in the garden.

● They quickly ran towards the masjid and scolded the group that was stationed there for not telling them that Hazrat had left the Masjid.

●They responded that this was not the case as Hazrat was still in the masjid
●When they peeped into the masjid, they found Hazrat there.

●They then ran to the garden and upon looking inside, they were surprised to see Hazrat Musaji in the garden


●Once Shaykh Yunus db was on a journey with his khadim

●To reach their destination, they had to pass through Tadkeshwar

● He informed the khaadim that in Tadkeshwar, we shall stop at the grave of Hazrat Musaji rahmatulahi alai .

●He instructed the khadim that should he fall off to sleep when they reach Tadkeshwar, he should be woken up

●Hazrat fell off to sleep

● Upon reaching Tadkeshwar, the khaadim saw that Hazrat was asleep and he didn’t deem it fit to wake up Hazrat.(or the khaadim may have forgotten to wake up Hazrat)

● They hence drove past the qabrastan in Tadkeshwar

●Meanwhile,in his sleep, Hazrat Yunue saw Hazrat Musaji rahmatullah alai.

● Hazrat Musaji said to Hazrat Yunus,

*”You left us and went? You didn’t come visit us?”*

● Immediately, Hazrats eyes opened and he asked the khadim where they were.

●The khaadim informed him that they had passed Tadkeshwar.

●Hazrat instructed him to turn the car around and they headed back to Tadkeshwar, where hazrat went to visit the grave of Hazrat Musaji rahmatullah alai

● It has been said that whoever has been to the grave of Hazrat Musaji rahmatullah alai, their hearts have become illuminated with the fuyudhaat and anwaarat of Hazrat

●Those who are saahibe nisbat can sense this


●Hazrat would daily recited 12 000 times the ism dhaat ( ie the name of ALLAH )

●This zikr is said to be “hot” for the body and hence, hazrat would be neck deep in a pool of water while doing this


● He is the Shaykul Hadeeth at Falaahe Daarayn

●I had previously met him for a short duration. However, my heart desired that I go and sit in is company to benefit from him .

● My cousin who knows him well told me that he would take me.

● On our way there, we met his khadim who informed us that Hazrat had left for a journey.

● I hence didn’t get to meet him

●Shaykh Yusuf is the student of Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri db

●Shaykh Yunus db calls Shaykh Yusuf db *“The flower of Gujaraat”*

●Whenever anyone from Gujaraat would come to visit Shaykh Yunus in Saharanpur, he would tell them that you people have Yusuf there. There was no need for you people to leave him and come to me


● Moulana is a teacher at Darul Uloom Deoband.

● I would have loved to meet him.

● I Whatsapp’d him, informing him of how much I wanted to meet him.

● He replied saying that he would be very happy if we came to Deoband or if we came to Delhi so that we could meet

●However, I excused myself as this would not have been possible

● I told him how lucky he was to have gone for Hazrat Jees ijtimaa In Malaysia and that he was lucky to have benefitted from the fuyoodhaat and anwaraat surrounding the ijtimaa

● I requested Hazrat to make duaa for me

●He said something so deep

*“Im a sinful person,how can I make duaa for you?”*

●This is the humility of our elders

●Alhamdulillah, on this trip, we had tried travelling to different places to visit different Mashaaikh and elders. The purpose is to benifit from the company of these Mashaaikh and Elders so that we could create a connection and bond with ALLAH swt


*Where haven’t I travelled to attain you (O Allah)*

●It is possible that through all this travelling and meeting with Mashaaikh, Allah swt will forgive us

●May Allah swt grant us the true understanding of Deen. May he grant us the love for theMashaaikh, allow us to follow in their footsteps, and make us of those who appreciate them.




*PART 8*

15TH MAY 2016


●Yesterday through the fadhl of ALLAH swt, I got to go to the house of a buzrug who passed away about a year ago

● He was fondly called Piraman Baji

●He was from a town called Piraman which is close to Varethi

●Marhoom Piraman baji rahmatullah alai was the brother of moulana Ayyub Patel db of Zimbabwe. Moulana Ayyub Patel db is the khalifa of Hazrat Jee db

●As we were returning from Bharuch, my mother suggested that we go to the house of Piraman Baji as she had heard a lot about him .

● I sat with Muhammad Talha, the son of marhoom Piraman baji.

●I asked him to tell me something about hazrat Piraman baji

●He mentioned that throughout his life, Piraman baji was bayt to 5 different shuyookh. When one passed away, he would become bayt to another and so on.

●Among his shuyookh were Moulana Abrar rahmatullah alai from Tadkeshwar and Shah Wasiyullah rahmatullah alaih.

● Piraman baji got ijaazat in tazkiyah from 11 different mashaaikh


●His son mentioned that Piraman baaji was a saahibe kashf.

● No one from the family would do any work without informing and consulting with him.

● If Piraman baaji would say that this wont work, and the family members nevertheless went ahead with it, they would always find that indeed, in the end, it didn’t work out as Piraman baji had predicted.


●Mohammed Talha narrated that once, without informing my father, I made arrangements to go to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj and Umrah and also made arrangements to settle down there

● When everything was arranged and all I had to do was make the payments in Mumbai, I informed my father that I would be going to Mumbai.

● When my father asked me why I was going Mumbai, I informed him of my plans of going to Saudi arabia and let him know that I was going to Mumbai to make the payments .

●My father told me that no problem, go and make the payments, but I am telling you that you will not be able to go to Saudi Arabia.

●I was saddened that instead of giving me duaas, he was telling me that I wouldn’t be able to go.

● Nevertheless, I went to Mumbai and made the payments.

● The person to whom I made the payment told me that I will soon give you a date and on that date, you should start your journey to Saudi Arabia.

●When I came back and narrated this to my father, he said that despite this, you will still not be able to go.

● I was perplexed

●It has been 35 year since this incident and this person till date hasn’t given me the date for my departure,nor has he returned a single penny to me.

●My father later informed me that this person in reality was a fraud and a cheat and he had deceived many people in this way.


●Mohammed talha narrated that once, a person made me a very good business offer. He was willing to sell ma a good piece of land for quite a cheap price.

● I payed him part of the money and then told him that I will first consult with my father and then let you know about my final decision.

●When I informed my father about this, he requested me to take him to the place where this person was conducting his business transactions from.

●When my father looked around the place, he told me to take back the money that I had initially payed as this transaction wasn’t good for me.

●I was shocked because this was a very good business deal. However, I told the person that I wouldn’t be going ahead with the transaction.

●The person told me that he had already prepared all the documents for the handover.

●However I informed him that I wouldn’t be going ahead with it since my father wasn’t happy

● 2 years later, we found out that this person was not the actual owner of the land. At the time that he was planning to sell me this land, the actual owners were out of the country.
(This person had however sold their land to somebody else)

● Upon their return, the owners discovered their land sold and this resulted in a court case against this person.


●I asked Mohammed Talha to tell me about Piraman baajis special mamoolat.

● He told me that everyday after midnight, Piraman baaji wouldn’t sleep. He would get up and engross himself in ibaadat

● After returning from long journeys, I would prepare his bath, food etc and would tell him to eat, bath and rest. However, the moment midnight arrived, he would get up and start making ibaadah.

● I would ask him how he would do this after being on long journeys (1000 plus kilometres at times). He replied that *the person who goes on a journey for the sake of Allah swt, Allah swt causes his tiredness to go away*


●Mohammed talha narrated that once, my father came to me as I was in the shop and he told me to quickly close the shop because an ALLAH WAALA was going to be coming to Piraman very soon

●We found out that shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri db was returning from a journey together with 150 people. Shaykh Yunus db instructed the driver to stop in Piraman

● Piraman baji welcomed Shaykh Yunus db and asked
him if he would like anything to eat or drink

●Shaykh Yunus replied that yes, he would like to have milk on condition that Piraman baji gets it and first drinks from it before giving the remainder of the milk to him ( ie to Shaykh Yunus db).

●Piraman baaji said that that would not be possible. He told Shaykh Yunus db that I can not do such as you are a big shaykh and aalim and I respect you.

● Shaykh Yunus db told Piraman baaji that *my heart desires that I make YOU my sheikh.*
( this shows us that ALLAH WAALAS recognise and understand each other)
●Before Shaykh Yunus left, he gave ijaazat to Piraman baaji and told him that from my side, I give you ijaazat to take bayat from anyone and I also give you ijaazat to give khilaafah to anyone you deem fit.


●A night before his death, Piraman baaji informed his family that tomorrow night at this time,I will be going to my original home

●At 3 o clock in the morning, Piraman baaji straightened his back and limbs and lay down on his bed. His family members were around him and gave talqeen to him to read the kalima.

●Piraman baaji however made a gesture with his hands and head. The message he seemed to convey with these gestures was that do not worry, I know that I have to pray the kalima. I have prayed it already.

●After a little while he passed away.

● The distance from the graveyard to Piraman bajis house was approximately 5 km and Mohammed Talha mentioned that this whole distance was occupied with people who had come for the janaza.

●Moulana Abdullah Jaanji db had come for the janaza salaat and when he saw the crowds of people, he said that it would not be possible to pray the janaaza salaah in the masjid at the qabrastan.He suggested that the janaza salaah be prayed at a helipad nearby.

● Mohammed Talha said that when we looked at how many people were at the janaaza, that’s when we realised how many people loved him. People from far and wide had come for the janaza.

May Allah swt grant us the muhabbah of our mashaaikh and allow us to follow in their foot steps.




*PART 7*

10TH MAY 2017

●I met with Moulana Haneef Qismat Motala db again

● In my opinion, he may be called qismat because he has had a lot of good fortune in life eg

1. he became an aalim after he got married

2. he went to stay in Saudi arabia for a long time

3. he had started many madaaris and masaajid works in india

● I sat with him and he told me many things which I shall try and mention as I feel like they will be very beneficial to us


● Moulana Qismat sab mentioned that he travelled with Moulana Abdur Raheem Motala rahmatullah alaih and Moulana Yusuf motala db to Shaykul Hadeeth Moulana Zakarriya rahmatullah alaihs last itikaaf in Saharanpur in 1979.

●He had the good fortune of meeting with Shaykul Hadeeth rahmatullah alai .
●He mentioned that the toilet system at that time was not like present day flushing toilets. Rather, the toilets contained buckets where people would relieve themselves. He noticed that big big Ulama and Mashaaikh would go far away and empty out these buckes at night when everyone was asleep
In the morning everyone would find the toilet clean. May we be like them ameen


●Moulana Yusuf Motala db once told Moulana Qismat db that tell the people:

*In this little time that you have ( ie life) do such actions which give you maximum benefit (Small deeds, great rewards) So that a person doesn’t regret in the end*


● In 1978, Moulana Qismat db went to Darul Uloom Deobands centenarian graduation ceremony in the company of the ustaadh of Qari Siddiq db. Qari siddiq saab is the qaari at Falaahe Daarain

●They spent the night there.

● Just before Fajr, an announcer called out that at night, somebody saw in a dream that Nabi sallallahu alihi wasallam came to Darul Uloom Deoband. Nabi Sallahu alaihi wasallam hugged every guest that was there, whether they were awake or asleep

●Moulana Qismat db mentions that the Ustaadh of Qaari Siddiq saab is still alive and whenever I meet him, I remind him of this incident and he testifies that indeed, this is what had happened.

● Whoever was pesent there at that time is extremely fortunate.

●This incident also shows us the qubooliyyah that darul uloom deoband has.


●Moulana mentioned that Moulana Abul Hasan Nadwi rahmatullah alaih was very handsome.

●He was a very humble man. Moulana Qismat saab mentioned that he has never seen such a humble man in his life.


●His method of tarbiyyah was very strict.

●Whenever anyone came to him, he would listen to them reciting surah faatiha and adhaan. He would correct their tajweed.

●May ALLAH swt make us such people who follow in the footsteps of our buzrugs and who keep the company of the buzrugs ameen


●On Sunday, we were invited to the walima of the son of Moulana Sulaiman Jaanji rahmatullah alaih

●Moulana Sulaiman was always found at the markuz and he is counted from among the great ulamaa and buzrugs.

●A lot of senior aalims and buzrugs were invited to this walima dawat and I had the good fortune of meeting many eg

1 . Moulana Abdullah Jaanji db who is the son of Moulana Suliaman Jaanji rahmatullah alaih

2 . Moulana Asraarul Haq db who is one of the senior leaders of Jamiatul Ulamaa Hind

3. Qari Siddiq db who is the qaari saab of Falaahe Daarain

4 . Moulana Yusuf Tankarwi db who is the Shaykul Hadeeth at Falaahe Daarain

●My respected uncle (maama) told me that he would frequent the gatherings of Moulana Yusuf db whilst he didn’t ( yet) have a beard. He mentioned that Moulana would not ever tell him to keep a beard.

●When my maama started keeping a beard, hazrat got very happy and he told my maama to go check the mirror to see how beautiful his face now looked.


● *IMAGINE!* If an ALLAH waala becomes this happy with someone when they come onto deen, how happy must ALLAH taáala himself be getting when a servant comes onto deen?

●May Allah swt grant us the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our akaabireen





*PART 6*

6TH MAY 2017



●As mentioned previously Hazrat noted from his ustaad Moulana Yunus Jaunpuri db that the Hadeethe Rahmah is Musalsal bil Awwaliyya with regards to both sanad and the literal meaning ie with regards to the quality of mercy


●Hazrat also Mentioned the incident that occurred during meraaj. After being gifted with 50 salaah by Allah swt, Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam descended to the 7th heaven where he met Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam.

●On the 6th heaven Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam met Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam.

●Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam, due to his compassion for the ummah of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, encouraged Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam to go and ask Allah swt to reduce the number of salaah. This happened many times until finally, instead of 50 salaah, 5 were made obligatory for the ummah.


Why didn’t Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam say anything with regards to reducing the number of salaat when he had more right to do so compared to Musa Alaihis Salaam.
The reason for this is that as we know, the millat of Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam is very similar to the millat of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi.
We also know that the Kaaba Shareef was built by ibrahim Alaihis Salaam and later on Allah swt made it the qibla for the umma of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam was ready to sacrifice his son and due to this act, qurbaani was made waajib on the ummah of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.We also know that Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam is from the family of Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam and Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam is the result of Ibrahim Alaihis Salaams duaa.

As we can see, there is a great link between Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam and Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam.
So why didn’t Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam request Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi Wasallam to ask Allah swt to reduce the number of salaat. Why did Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam do so?


●Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis Salaam was KHALEELULLAH ( the friend of Allah ) where as Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam was
( The one who spoke to Allah swt many many times )

●A true and dear friend always accepts the orders of his beloved *without any questions* hence Hazrat Ibrahim
Alaihis Salaam did not object to the number of prayers ( ie 50). This is the sifat ( quality ) of a khaleel.

●Hazrat Musa Alaihis Salaam talked to Allah swt many many times ( the quality of a kaleem)
and as a result, he could easily tell Nabi Sallalalhu Alaihi wasallam to ask Allah swt to reduce the number of prayers time and time again.
( due to the familiarity of speaking with Allah swt ).


●Hazrat talked about reasons why the Bukhari Shareef of Imaam Bukhari rahmatullah alaih has been granted such qubooliyyah (acceptance) by Allah swt.

I will mention 2 of these reasons.

1. Due to his mother’s duaa

2. Due to his endless
mujaahadaa (striving)

●If we want qubooliyyah, we should also obtain our parents duaas by serving them and we should strive as much as we can.


●The dastar bandi then took place

●Afterwards I made my way to the place where Hazrat was going to eat. However It was getting very full so I decided to leave. The Muhtamim saw me and requested me to stay. Thus I had an opportunity of earing with Hadhrat and later on I talked to him too.

●I introduced myself

●I later on told him that he had come to Jaamia Zainab and he remembered that time too.

●Before leaving,I gifted him with attar and he was very happy. He gave me many duaas.


●Moulana is a teacher at Jaamia Rashidiyyah Naroli.

●He teaches, among other kitaabs, Tahawi and Shamaail of Imaam Tirmidhi rahmatullah alaih.

●He is the special Khaadim of Moulana Sajjad Nomani db

●He had the good fortune of studying Bukhari Shareef under marhoom Moulana Naseer Ahmed Khan saab db.

●When Moulana heard about my connection to Hazratjee db, he came to gain benefit from me.

●However, I intended to gain benefit from *him* because I knew what a great aalim he is. Hence I tried my best to derive benefit from him.

●I asked him his opinion with regards to the manner of making the tarbiyyah of the
students of knowledge.

●He gave me the view of Moulana Sajjad Nomani db who is of the opinion that to make proper tarbiyyah of the tulabaa, there has to be an ustaad with them 24/7.

●Besides class times,the students need to be under constant supervision of an ustaad. In this way,they are less likely to fall into sin.

●I also asked Moulana to relate to me something outstanding that took place in the life of marhoom Moulana Naseer Ahmed Khan sab rahmatullah alaih.

●He mentioned that there were many extraordinary things that had taken place during his life.

●He recalled how hazrat, despite being 80 years of age, would sit in one posture only during Bukhari Shareef lessons.
He would sit in tashahhud position and would place his right hand on the right side of the Kitaab and his left hand on the left side of the Kitaab.
He would maintain this posture for hours.


●This was the love and respect showed by our Akaabireen towards the Ahaadeeth of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

●We should also try to bring this quality into our lives.


●Moulana studied at Darul Uloom Chipata under Moulana Abdur Raheem Motala rahmatullah alaih.

●He urged me to come and visit his madrassa called Madrassa Khaleeliyyah ( named after Moulana Khalil Ahmed Saharanpur rahmatullah alaih )

●When I arrived there, I noticed some construction work going on.

●Moulana explained to me that when he had purchased this land, he had the intention of building a masjid in honour of Moulana AbdurRaheem Motala rahmatullah alaih.

●When he informed moulana AbdurRaheem Motala rahmatullah alaih about this, Moulana replied in urdu

*Tum kyaa keh rahe Ho? Ye toh he resham ke undar ek tinka*

*What are you saying? This is ( likened to) a straw in the silk*

●What he meant was that I am like a straw in the silk. How then can you construct a Masjid in my name ?

●This was his level of humility.

●After he passed away, Moulana Haneef db started the construction of this Masjid and named it Masjid Raheemiyyah.


●Imagine the sort of reward Moulana Abdur Raheem Motala rahmatullah alaih must be getting. The reward of any person who prays/teaches/ lectures in that Masjid will go to him.

●Moulana Haneef db informed us that in the coming year, they will be starting the Sihah Sitta in the Masjid.


●This is what happens when a person is humble and gives himself to Allah Ta’ala.

●May Allah swt grant us the ability to follow in the footsteps of our Akaabireen


India karguzari Part Five:



*PART 5*

*5TH MAY 2017*

●We will briefly discuss some of the points made by the esteemed Ulama during the Bukhari Jalsa.


●Moulana gave naseehat to the graduating students before the dastar bandi ceremony (turban tying ceremony that signifies that the students are now Aalims)

● He told them that right now, you are students and in a very little while (after the dastar bandi) you will be classified as Ulamaa.

● Remember that once any student becomes an Aalim, he automatically becomes a Khaadim
(server) of the Deen

●Therefore, you shouldn’t expect others to serve you (due to your Aalim status). Rather, YOU should be of service to the Deen and to the people.

●Moulana mentioned an incident that happened at Darul uloom Deoband during the time of Mufti Gangohi rahmatullah alaih. He said that the principal of the Darul Uloom at that time received a letter from a very rich man from Bhopal. The rich man requested the principal to send all the upcoming graduating students to Bhopal so that he could arrange for them to have good jobs and good salaries.
●The muhtamim consulted with Hadhrat Gangohi rahmatullah alai.

●Hazrat Gangohi rahmatullah alai replied that the purpose of graduating the students and of becoming Ulamaa is so that the chain of Madaaris and Makatib continues. The purpose of becoming Ulamaa is not to have good jobs and high salaries.

●Therefore, we should do whatever khidmat of Deen that we can.


●ALLAH swt says in the quraan

لَوْ أَنزَلْنَا هَذَا الْقُرْآنَ عَلَى جَبَلٍ لَّرَأَيْتَهُ خَاشِعًا مُّتَصَدِّعًا مِّنْ خَشْيَةِ اللَّهِ

“Had We sent down this Qur’an on a mountain, you would surely have seen it humbling itself and splitting asunder due to the fear of Allah…”

● Question: out of all the creation of ALLAH swt, why did Allah swt only mention the mountains?

● Answer given by Ulamaa : all the other creation are somehow or the other affected by outside forces eg by wind, rain etc. However, the mountain is one such creation which rarely gets affected by these outside forces
Eg when it rains, the mountains do not move. They remain on their place. Similarly, strong winds do not cause the mountains to move.

●the mountains exhibit istiqaamat ( firmness)

●Moulana mentioned that the ulamaa have to be like the mountains. They have to have istiqaamat. No matter what condition befalls the aalim, he should always be firm on the deen.


● Moulana is the Shaykul Hadeeth at Darul Uloom Kharoda. He has been involved in teaching for approximately 30 years. He has been teaching Bukaari Shareef for approximately 25 years. Moulana is the esteemed student and khalifa of Moulana Yunus Jaunpuri db.

●Moulana started with the Hadeethe Rahmah which happens to be a musalsal bil awwaliyya hadeeth ie a hadeeth with a uniformly linked sanad (chain) going all the way to the prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam whereby the mode of transmission is the same from all the narrators.

● Hadeeth

الراحمون يرحمهم الرحمن، ارحموا من في الأرض يرحمكم من في السماء

Wte : The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Have mercy upon those on earth, and the Lord of the Heavens will have mercy upon you.

● Moulana mentioned that apart from this hadeeth being musalsal with regards to the sanad, it is also musalsal with respect to the quality of rahmat.

●Allah swt is the source of rahmah. His rahmah is never ending.

●Hadeeth wtte: my mercy overcomes my wrath

● We see this daily. Despite our sins and faults, Allah swt still gives us food and drink. He doesn’t punish us despite our disobedience.

●Some of the rahmah from ALLAH SWT was transmitted to the prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam. From the prophet, it was transmitted to the people around him, to mothers, etc. this mercy continues being transmitted .

●Hazrat mentioned 2 incidents regarding the rahmah of the prophet sallalhu alaihi wasallam

*1* Nabi sallalahu alaihi wasallam was once upset with a sahaabi. The sahaabi kept on asking Nabi sallalhu to forgive him . However Nabi sallahu alaihiwasallam did not respond to him. The sahabi then told Nabi sallahu alaihi wasallam that if I had to ask Allah swt to forgive me the way im asking you to forgive me, Allah swt would definitely forgive me. Upon hearing this, Nabi sallalahu alaihi wasallam hugged him and forgave him

*2* The story of Kaab radhiallahu anhu (and 2 other sahaabas). Kaab radhiallahu anhu did not participate in the battle of tabuk and he didn’t have a valid reason for not participating. Due to this, the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and all the other sahaaba boycotted kaab radhialahu anhu and the other 2 sahaabis . No one spoke to them nor made salaam to them for 50 days. Kaab radhiallahu anhu narrates that during these days of boycott, I observed the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam as he was engaged in salaah. I noticed that while he was performing salaah, he would look at me with a sideways glance. However, as soon as id look at him, he would look away.this would take place while the prophet sallalhu alaihi wasallam was engaged in salaah. Out of salaah, nabi sallallahu aalihi wasallam would not give me the sideways glances.

Why did nabi sallahu alaihi wasallam only glance at him while he was in salaat and not when he was outside salaah?

The ulamaa explain that nabi sallahualaihi wasallam would Look at kaab radhialahu anhu during salaah and not out of it because during salaah, Allah swts *SPECIAL* mercy descends upon the musalli. Hence due to this mercy, nabi sallalhu alaihi wasallam would look at him. Out of salaah, this *SPECIAL* mercy doesn’t descend and hence nabi sallalahu alaihi wasallam did not look at him out of salaah.

● May Allah swt grant us the ability to always stay connected with our akaabireen


India Karguzari Part Three



*PART 4*

*4th MAY 2017*

●Through the fadhl and karam of ALLAH SWT, we met with Mufti Ahmed khanpuri saab of Dhabel

●Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri saab is a very big aalim. He is the student of Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri db. He has been serving in the Hadeeth department of Darul Uloom Dhabel for many years. He previously was also the Head of the Iftaa department at Dhabel. However, he informed the Dhabel Madressa Committe that both lines of work were equally important and very different. He asked the committee to choose for him whether he should work under the hadeeth department or the iftaah department. The committee then decided that he should carry on at the Hadeeth Deparrment Hazrat hence carried on with the teaching of Bukhaari Shareef.

● We had been trying to reach him for the past 2 days. His khadim informed us that he had been on a journey for the past 15 days or so and would only be in Dhabel Monday. His usual Majlis that takes place every Tuesday would not take place as he was leaving for a journey the very next day ie Wednesday.

● However we explained that we were from Zambia and would love to meet Hazrat even for a little while.

●Alhamdulillah we were told that Hazrat had agreed to meet us on Tuesday at 5.30 pm after Asar salaah at the Dhabel Masjid

●We left for Dhabel and as we entered, we were treated to a tasty beef mince called PAATIO. It is made of cow meat and eaten with buns.

●Dhabel is one of the very few places in India where cows are still slaughtered.

●We arrived at the Masjid before Asr salaah and we made wudhu and waited for Adhaan.

● As soon as Adhaan was called, Hazrat entered the masjid. We greeted him and I introduced myself as the son of Ahmed Motala from Petauke. Hazart was very pleased and said we would talk after namaaz.

●After namaaz, we went to Hazrats khaanqa and he asked about myself, my father and my brother. Hazrat gave us a lot of duaas.

●After that, Hazrat remained busy in his mamoolat. He did not talk to anyone and if someone did say something, he would comment and resort back to his mamoolat.

●After a while he instructed us to go and have tea as he had made arrangements for us.

●We had tea and all the time, I thought of asking Hazrat to give me naseehat. However on the other hand, I recalled the incident of Hazrat Baqi Billah rahmatullah alaih. He used to be very quiet. Someone asked him that why are you always so quiet? Why don’t you speak? Hazrat Baqi Billah made a very profound statement :

*“ If someone can not benefit from my silence, how do you expect him to benefit from my words?’*

●Keeping this in mind, I did not ask Hazrat for naseeha.

● It was nearing Maghrib time and we thought that we would pray Maghrib with Hazrat and then leave for Varethi. However, Hazrat advised to leave quickly as the journey was long and he instructed us to pray Maghrib during the journey.

● As we were leaving, Hazrat placed both his hands on my shoulders and he made a lot of duaa for me. He also gifted me with Atar.

●We took a tour of the Darul uloom and we then left for Varethi.

● On Wednesday, we went for the Bukhari Shareef khatam at Jaamia Rashidiyyah in Naroli.

● Alhamdulillah, I met a lot of Ulamaa during this occasion. These include :

1. Moulana Ravat saab who is the rector of Jaamia Falaahe Daarayn

2. Moulana Hanif Loharwi sab who is the rector of Darul Uloom Kharod

3. I also met an Aalim who had studied at Darul Uloom Deoband. He studied Bukhari Shareef under the tutelage of Moulana Naasir Ahmed Khanpuri Rahmatullah alai. He had also spent 4 years in the Khidmah of Moulana Sajjad Nomani db

● The points made at the Bukhaari khatam will be discussed in the next part inshaALLAH.

● I am very grateful to have been in the company of our Akaabireen and Ulama. May ALLAH swt always allow us to have this connection with our Akaabireen. Being with them made me feel very happy.

●I received a message from my sister with regards to the Atar. She told me that I must be very happy to have received Atar from Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri saab ( from such a great aalim)

●I told her that indeed I was happy but I also told her that all this was only possible due to the efforts of our parents.

● Our parents deserve full credit as they were the ones who initially started our tarbiyyah. They may have spent countless nights crying for us and made lots of duaas for us.

●Later on, our tarbiyyah was made by our Asaatidha and Mashaaikh. However the foundation was laid by our parents and hence they deserve full credit.

● We make Duaa to ALAH swt that He allows us to always have this connection with our Akaabireen, Mashaaikh and Ulamaa. In reality, we are not even equal to the dust that settles on their shoes. However, if we attach ourselves to them just like the dust attaches itself to the shoes, then inshaALLAH there is hope that on the day of Qiyaamah, we shall be raised with them.